Stolen BMX 2018

Stolen BMX 2018
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2018 Stolen 16" Agent Matte Neon Blue

The Agent 16" is the perfect beginner bike for riders who cant yet fit a full size 20".  We giv..

2018 Stolen 18" Agent Matte Black w/ Gang Green Tires

The Agent 18" is the perfect bike for riders who cant yet fit a full size 20".  We give you a p..

2018 Stolen 20" Casino (20.25" TT)

The Casino is by far our top selling model. Designed to ride like a Pro bike on an Am budget. We mak..

2018 Stolen 20" Casino XL RHD (21.0" TT) Back In Black

The Casino XL has a little more cockpit space for taller or more experienced riders. Designed to rid..

2018 Stolen 20" Heist Primer Grey w/ Purple Tires

The Heist is the optimal mid-level bike. This is the first bike in our line that is fully sealed and..

2018 Stolen 20" Sinner FC Trans Black/Red

The Sinner was the first complete brakeless/FC street bike in 2006. Every year we try improve this f..

2018 Stolen 20" Sinner XLT-FC Black w/ Rose Gold

Our top of the line complete that is even better. We made the frame “S” shaped chainstays for better..

2018 Stolen 20" Stereo

The Stereo is equipped with a bunch of aftermarket Stolen/Fiction parts. We designed the Stereo to b..

2018 Stolen 20" STLN X FCTN Matte Black with Camo Tires

You will most likely be the only kid on your block with this bike. Stolen paired up with Fiction and..

2018 Stolen Spade 22"

The Spade was developed in concert with long time 22″ trail riders. We’ve tried to make a perfect tr..